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About Sri Sugatha Ayurvedic Hospital

The most famous as well as most popular Sri Sugatha medical center is now hospital re-established as sir sugatha ayurvedic hospital & herbels. The hospital is located at Alawwa Colombo? Kandy road boarding the famous maha oya (River) surrounded by huge herbeland valuable timber trees. Huge trees of herbel give freshness healthy and a plesent atmosphere. Hospital is managed by specialized ayurvedic physicians of various catagerious of over 10 decades, for generations. The herbes and medicines prepared in the presence of specialized ayurvedic doctors according to the principles of ayurveda methods. The hospital is registered according to the ayurvedic ordinance of 1961 bearing no.30. Researches and preparations are conducted by well equpied machines under the supervisions of able as well as experienced ayurvedic doctors. Our staff is decent well educated and possessed with high qualities of enthusiasm, hospitality and kindness. The managing director is Doctor Sri Lakmal Sugathadasa, The specialized in Ayurveda And acupuncture.