This acupuncture which is a cheap medical treatment is an easy and successful medical method which did not make bad effects.

The Chinese have long known that the herbs can be utilized to provide good healthy and make people live a good life. The knowledge of herbs was compiled around 2000 year’s age in the Huang-Ti Nei ching (yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicinal)Even now, This book and it knowledge resonate from with significance in both Eastern and increasingly western medical circles,indeed,the most famous statement from the books,say, ”Eliminate the Disease when it has yet to marked Symptoms”. This is the basis on which Chinese medicine is founded.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based around ensure the flow of Qi, Blood, Body Fluid and nutrients via the Body to these key organs. Any obstruction leads to illness and at this point, herbal medicines are prescribed to clear the blockage and restore the systems to balance. Traditional China medicine certifies, by stimulation place that you introduced as ocu points in your body and recover all your pains and deseases.

This is not to be fear, because there are lots of modern acupuncture instruments all over the world. Sri Sugatha medical center always use modern instruments to do treatments. All China nutrition and medicine based on 2 points.

The human body is consisting of inseparable organon, and their imbalance should be affecting other systems. For good healthy condition and good persistence base on this system balance. acupuncture spcial treatment in

• Gynecological Disorders and pediatric diseases
• Hear removal for female
• Nervous Disorders,Numbness,paralysis,Migraine
• Pimples, Acne, Black heads (fairness treatment)
• Skin Disorders –Leucoderma,Psoriasis,eczema