Ayurveda is a sub division of the Atharvaveda. According to the authentic texts Ayurvedaya was created by lord Maha brachma. It has been attached with the nature.Ayurveda is the science of life Ayu-life Veda-science. According the authentic Ayurvedic texts. Ayurvedic physician treats to the patient’s body which has been made with prutuvi (earth) Aap (water), Theja (fire), vayu (Air), Akasa (space) call five basic elements and his mind too. The main objectives of Ayurveda are.

• Protect the heath of the healthy person.
• Care the disease of the unhealthy person.

According to the status of the 5 elements 3 types of energy is formed in human body called vatha, pitta, kapha. Then his body type can be divided in to 3 categories called prakirti (constitutional Nature).

• Vata prakirti
• Pitta prakirti
• Kapha prakirti

Mental condition, also can be explained as 3 categories, that means:

• Satva
• Rajas
• Thams

In Ayuredic authentic texts, it is mentioned that how we should behave to have a long & healthy life. It is called ‘sad vritta’ from. It is explained about the Dina charya (Dairy behaviors), Rathri Charya (Night behaviors), Rithu charya (Seasonal behaviours) etc. We should follow from birth to death. Specially Garbheni paricharya has been explained for pregnant mothers for having healthy baby is either sex according to her willing.


Ayurveda has been divided in to 8 main parts called ‘Ashtanga Ayurvedaya’

1. Shalya thanthra (SURGEON) – General surgery cure the disease by using sharp & blunt instrument fire & kshara.
2. Shalakya Thanthra (ENT) - Disease of eye, ear, hand, nose, throat, cure the diseases above the clavical.
3. khaya chikithsa (General Medicine) - Cure the General diseases of the body.
4. Bhutha vidya thanthraya – psychiatry & psychosomatic diseases (Special treatment method and specially of to the mind by doing thovil, yantra , mantra).
5. Prasuthi & kaumara harthra thanthraya – Gynecology & pediatrics obstructer Treatment for children from birth to 16 years old as well as the fetus, pregnant mother & puerperiub mother.
6. Agada Thanthraya - Toxicology Treatment for toxicity from various animals, poisonous plants & poisonous minerals.
7. Rasayana Thanthraya
8. Vagikarana thanthroya