In past our forefathers ate indigenous rice and they haven’t any diseases. They lived healthy not only that they had a good body strong to do their own works in the garden and walk long mile without any a weary but today ….

There are more deceases among our people. They cannot walk 100 meters. They want to exercise machine or must go to Gym for continue their body as well. There is no time to eat good dietary on time because of they are busy. They make shift with short eats as their dietary.

Why we haven’t good healthy and good body strong like our forefathers. In fast they included traditional kinds of rice for their dietary.
Today these traditional kinds of rice can be buying from us. To buy this kinds of rice as stock or retail call today.

Kind of Rice

Suvadal :- to make sweet voice
Rathdal : - Consumption, Disease related the Bladder.
Kuruluthuda : - Evade Importency
Ma Wee :-Control the Diabetics and burly.
Hata da wee : - leave aside Cnstipation
Pchchaperumal : - Control the Diabetics
Madathawalu : - Control rheumatic, bile, rheum