Causes for reduction in level of melanin in food,

  • Undiagnosed illnesses
  • Genetic
  • Incurable psychiatric disorders
  • Damage to skin
  • Unexpected shocks

When examining men and women who had contracted this disease, it has been found that depression caused by the disease tends to rapidly spread the illness.


A main cause of Vitiligo may be genetical and spread from either maternal or paternal sides. The third generation may also suffer from the disease.


Allergy to food or drugs my cause Vitligo. Unani medicine believes in this hypothesis. Centuries earlier IBINE MASHUYA the author of Al-Mahajir, a text of Unani Medicine says that If some person ingests Milk and Fish and he suffers from Vitiligo or Joint pain he should not blame others.


Traditional Medical Practitioners believe that, bites due to Cats, Rats and Snakes, or ingestion of food eaten by the above, can lead to Vitligo. This hypothesis is not accepted in modern medicine but most patients suffering from Vitiligo tend to report animal bites prior to onset of the disease.


According to Arabian medical lore, bathing in water warmed by the sun will result in white spots. Sola rays can also cause the disease. Deposition of solar rays on the skin will result in itching or Urticaria which with time will lead to Vitiligo. Mixture of sun light with water will destroy its medicinal value, leading o the disease.

In Sri Lanka and India belief and experience show that Vitiligo Patients are abundant in the coastal areas. In the Villages there is myth which says that eating food kept for long periods in copper vessels will lead to Vitiligo. When ingested food is not digested it makes the body unclean. When this uncleanliness is in the phlegm or blood it results in Vitiligo.

Vitiligo due to the above causes can be divided in to two broad categories

  • Vitiligo restricted to small areas of the body
  • Widespread Vitiligo affecting major portions of the Body
  • >

In some patients with Vitiligo, The body hair may also be white and in others the hair is black. In some patients the skin my have a reddish tinge mixed with white, the treatment may vary in the different types.


Primary Stage

Minute areas may be affected and early treatment will cure it in few weeks.

Second Stage

Disregard of the Primary Stage will spread the disease and therefore treatment is Necessary for months.

Third Stage

Delay in treatment of the Second stage or using various drugs will make it widespread. Ninety Percent of young Patients can be permanently cured. In weak or debilitated Patents lesions on the face can be cured, while spread in the other regions can be minimized. Most patients do not have any pain or itching and rest is unnecessary. Since recently Vitiligo can be cured by Ayurvedic Medicine.


  • Vitiligo can not be cured by western medicine
  • Reasons for Decrease in melanin leading to Vitiligo has not been found
  • The American medical field has discovered a paint that covers the white patches cosmetically but this is temporary and is not cure.
  • Ray treatment is now experimentally used in modern medicine, but this can result in side effects which may lead to even cancers


Vitiligo is where the normal skin color changes and white spots appear. These changers can vary according to the climates in different countries. The complexion can range from fir to dark according to the amount of melanin secreted by the melanocytes in the skin. When production of melanin decreased which results in Vitligo.

In our ancient Ola leaf Manuscripts it is mentioned as 'KILASALA, WARUNALA, THARUNA and SHWATHRI'. Although the medical profession has long known about it, they have found no cure for this disease which affects the rich and poor alike. Some believe it is due to a curse of the god.

The white spots can appear in normal healthy people, which if disregarded with time will affect the lips, eyebrows and fingers. There may be no pain or disability due to Vitiligo. It is a blemish on the skin and complexion. Some patients can suffer from deep psychological effects and this in turn will lead to exacerbation.

There is a widespread belief that Vitiligo will be contagious, and will be exacerbated after marriage which in turn will lead to rifts in the family.

Although Vitiligo is deemed incurable by western medicine, it must be stressed that it can be permanently cured by the traditional Ayurvedic medicine.


According to some medical fields no definite causes for increase or decrease in secretion of melanin is known and Vitiligo is deemed to be a natural occurrence.

Imbalance of 'WATHA, PITHA and SEMA' is the main cause of Vitiligo according to traditional Ayurvedic belief.

Vitiligo due to WATHA can be identified by touch and the color may be different. There may be some pain during treatment.

Vitiligo due to PITHA is soft to the touch and is the color of the lotus. It can itch and get reddish spots on exposure to sun light.

Vitiligo due to SEMA is white and may have a minor itch.

There are tens of thousands of patients suffering from Vitiligo in Sri Lanka. Most patients seek help from western medical practitioners as they dont know that it can be cured permanently by Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment says Ayurvedic Specialist, Doctor Y.K.S.S.L. Sugathadasa. Here he has explained and has given instructions on Vitiligo that has been a problem for lot of people presently.